Thursday, 21 August 2008

Pictures & Videos found in Apple Store

I was in my local internet café, er, Apple Store and was playing with an iPhone 3G. ( I'm currently waffling between getting one now and holding out for the better, cheaper, sim-free one that's almost certainly coming our way.) I saw that it was full of pictures that customers had taken with the built-in camera. Some of them were interesting. Most weren't. Then I found that lots of the laptops and iMacs had pictures and videos stored in them. Here are a few of the better ones.

I think it would be an fun project to see what pictures you all (all three of you) find the next time you're in an Apple store. Feel free to email them to nick daht strada at gmail dahtcom.

Also, you might find funny videos on the Photobooth application found on all iMacs and laptops. Drag any winners onto the desktop and upload them to Youtube. Send me the link and we'll embed it here. I found this one. This dude is cool in ways that you and I will never be.

1 comment:

mattstaff said...

Great concept nick. Well worthy of its own blog if you can round up enough submissions.

Next time I'm around the glowing fruit on regent street, I'll send some through.