Monday, 22 September 2008

Every Place I've Ever Lived

Well, nearly. These are Google Street View images of the fronts of the places I've lived in the USA. Street view hasn't come to Amsterdam or London yet. I don't normally approve of "here's what I had for breakfast" posts, but the way that google allows us to drift down memory lane is worth dwelling on, I reckon.
Places I've lived

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Terrifying Military Dogbot.

Behold. the "Big Dog". This thing is going to give me nightmares. It's not a huge leap to mount a weapon on one of these.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Asda could be selling more marlin.

This from a recent Guardian article about endangered fisheries:
Chris Brown, head of ethical and sustainable sourcing at Asda, said more detail risked confusing customers. He said Asda stocked marlin, which features on the MCS's "fish to avoid" list, but claimed it was sustainable because it was not deliberately targeted, but caught as inevitable "by-catch" in a sustainable tuna fishery off Sri Lanka, and would otherwise be disposed of. "I can't write all of that on the label,"
Why on earth not? People who worry about issues like sustainability, waste and the fate of the Portugese Anchovy love a good read on their packaging. Consider Innocent. Or Tazo. Or Keihls. Or even Budweiser.

And that marlin has one hell of a story. It's bycatch. It's wasteful not to eat this marlin. Disrespecting of the sea. And it's wonderful grilled. Paging David Abbott...

Carat Layoffs Memo Wordle

In one of the bigger email blunders, Carat's internal redundancy langage and external comms plan have been sent in an "all-staffer" instead of a "top-brasser". Doh.

The internal line.
The external line.
It's just business.

Late Night Emails...Rude?

Is there a "cut off time" after which it's as rude to send an email as it would be to call someone? Does one need to consider this when emailing an overseas colleague or client? I've seen how bright and loud that 'new message' indicator can seem in a pitch dark room

Or should people be responsible for their own notification preferences? One of the nice things about email communication is that it can be initiated at any time. Time zones are as nothing. Spontinaity reigns. That's surely a good thing.