Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Asda could be selling more marlin.

This from a recent Guardian article about endangered fisheries:
Chris Brown, head of ethical and sustainable sourcing at Asda, said more detail risked confusing customers. He said Asda stocked marlin, which features on the MCS's "fish to avoid" list, but claimed it was sustainable because it was not deliberately targeted, but caught as inevitable "by-catch" in a sustainable tuna fishery off Sri Lanka, and would otherwise be disposed of. "I can't write all of that on the label,"
Why on earth not? People who worry about issues like sustainability, waste and the fate of the Portugese Anchovy love a good read on their packaging. Consider Innocent. Or Tazo. Or Keihls. Or even Budweiser.

And that marlin has one hell of a story. It's bycatch. It's wasteful not to eat this marlin. Disrespecting of the sea. And it's wonderful grilled. Paging David Abbott...

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